front wheel bearings

I need to replace them. slight wobble. Besides the actual bearings, what else should I replace, if anything? clicky

you can just tell me the numbers if you're feeling lazy haha :thumbsup:

oh yeah, any special tools to remove the old bearings and put in the new one?

get a seal and bearing kit and you should be fine. what i have used to get bearing out in a similar situation is a hydrualic press. not sure if you need or should use one for this.

seal and bearing kit?

seal and bearing kit?

Pivot Works makes one.

No special tools. Remove the old bearings with a hammer and punch, try to get them out as evenly as possible. Put the new ones in the freezer for a few hours and install them with a socket that is the same size as the outer race of the bearing and hammer.

Make sure to pack the bearings with grease before you install them. Bel-Ray waterproof grease is good stuff.

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