xrr up in third on power alone?

was wondering if any of you guys who actually own a brp could settle an arguement that a friend and i have going...will a stock geared uncorked xrr bring the front end up in third without the clutch ( on power alone)? thanks :thumbsup:

I don't use the clutch and 3rd is my favorite wheelie gear. I can only go about a block or so but even that's fun.

so with power alone, stock or slightly altered gearing, and maybe a tug at the bars, these bikes will come up in third? :thumbsup:

This argument has been done before. It seems to be a borderline thing. Mines uncorked. If i'm going along a {flat} road in third and nail it there's no chance of lifting the wheel without yanking the bars back. Some riders say that it will just lift but mine certainly doesn't.

No problem! mine will every time :thumbsup:

will alittle finesse I can lift it in 5th

No problem at all. My bike is uncorked otherwise,stock with stock gearing. In fact,my favorite wheelie gear is 4th!! I have wheelied in 5th before but that was off-road and little bumps help pop it up. All of that is done with no clutch work at all. This does get a little hard on the front tire while on pavement. When i stand it up at 55mph, by the time i hit the rev limiter (78-80mph) the front tire stops. When it comes down the front tire leave a good 5 foot black mark. I wish i knew how to post my video. My buddy and i videoed us rideing wheelies and jumping. btw, he rides a yz426f and is having trans problems in 5th gear. worn out shift forks, it pops in and out of gear. Your buddy who thinks a 650cc tourqe monster cant pop a wheelie in third gear is jealous becasue he don't own one.

Just keep in mind that it's (almost) all technique. Even the folks who don't realize their doing anything special when wheelieing in this-or-that gear ARE making subtle but significant inputs.

All I'm trying to say is that just because someone says they can wheelie in a certain gear and your bike seems reluctant to do so doesn't mean there's anything wrong with your bike.

I think the gearing is the key question here. Bikes delivered in Australia have much taller gearing than Europe for exampe. I'm running 15-45 on my bike and there's no way in hell the bike will do a wheelie in 3rd on power alone. On the other hand, I'm getting 50mpg on a 50-50 gravel/pavement mix.

I'm about to go back to a 14 in the front, though. That slab running is boring and I'm just going to trailer the bike to where the action is and let her rip.


Fourth gear too.

<a  href=im007721yx4.jpg' alt='im007721yx4.jpg'>

Yeh, It did it with stock gearing no problem..even easier with 14\51 gearing..

It's all about balancing too... :thumbsup:

i am uncorked, jetted w/ a 15tooth css. Still easy in third on throttle. I just scoot back an inch or two.

My XR200 will power wheelie in 7th, no problem at all! :thumbsup::ride:

Oooooh Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

not a problem on mine either

well my ttr 225 can do that any day of the week with out even making an effort!!! O YA DUDE

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