Does anybody have a buyers guide to the 03 WR450?


Im about to buy a wr 450 and I dont want to get f***ed over! So I hoped someone in this forum could give me some tips and hints for what I need to check and warn me if there is any wellknown errors on this bike I should check for before I by it?

And second; is this a good bike? A friend told me he tought the 426 was better, and since the 03 modell was the first 450ccm modell, it could have some errors that the well tested 426 did not have..

Had a Husaberg FE650e last year! It was brute and had insane power, but I had to take the engine apart every 50-100 hours to change the bearings and I had to by 3000 dollars worth of engine parts during the year I had it! And to keep it running I had to adjust the valves and every 10 hours and change oil every 5 hours!! I dont want to end up like that again!

First, the 03 WR450 is a great bike. Very reliable with regular maintenance and tons of power with the free mods. About the only issue is the "woodruff key", which may not even be an issue with the European bikes. :ride: The issue isn't really with the woodruff key, just that it is what breaks when a certain chain of events happens. It's easily fixed / prevented with the '04 starter upgrade, about $250 USD.

One other thing I've heard is 5th gear going out due to extended high speed riding. If this bike was ridden on the street / highway a lot, it may be something to look into.

Do a search in this forum for "woodruff key", "starter upgrade" and "free mods". You'll have enough reading for the next few days. :thumbsup:

Find out the history on the bike if you can. Was it raced? check for play in the headset, linkage, and swingarm. Find out if the starter upgrade was done, and test out everything on it:starter,kickstart,lights,kill swith. check out condition of :chain and sprockets and check the air filter and oil colour on the stick(burnt smell) etc...Then price out any parts that need to be replaced, some of this stuff is pretty expensive.Make sure you consider if you will do the work on it or if a shop is going to do it.$$$$$ See if the guy keeps a record of maintenance, and find out at what intervals he changes the oil. I have an '03 450 and love it. May even be worth having the local shop take a look at it. Signs of wear are the first indicator of how it has been ridden and how much it has been ridden. Keep in mind that new plastic is pretty cheap and, if the thing was bagged on, it may have been replaced. If people say the guy who owns it is a sick rider, you probably don't want it. Hope this helps!



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