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Cam or Bigbore kit.

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Hey guys. Ok....I dropped in the stage 2 inlet Hotcam the other day and am really impressed. Just wondering if I was ment to change jetting or anything ? I had a little play with the mixture screw but thats about it. It seems really crisp. So now im thinking should i buy another stage 2 inlet and have it degreed to suit the exhaust side then start saving for the big bore.....or just can the exhaust cam and save for the big bore. I was looking and the specs for the stg 2 inlet and the E exhaust and it seems there is no difference in duration just a small amount of extra lift. (if my memory serves me correctly.) Is the cam worth it for that extra lift ? Either way the bigbore is coming.....just need to decide if I want the exhaust cam or not. Will be going the Athena kit. :thumbsup:

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