Oil amount???

The manual for my '06 YZ450FV says to add an amount of oil if just changing the oil and another amount if changing the oil and filter which is understandable but then it states a third amount. Is that for overhaul only or is that what should be added when the oil is changed? I want to be precise as I want this bike to last a long time. Also it doesnt seem like it takes alot of oil. That surprised me. Any tips?

Sorry no tip other than the obvious that replacing the filter will require another 200 mls and if you did an overhaul you might need another 200 mls again. Just estimating...

I get away with 1 litre in my 05 every change but I guess the 06 could be different. Sorry if not much help mate.

all the YZF manuals play that little mind trick. There is one about for oil change, one for oil and filter and then it lists a "total" amount.

You are correct though....the total amount is for a fresh motor. It was especially critical on older models that stored oil in the frame as you could never drain 100% from the frame and oil feed lines. But keep in mind...the 06 still has an oil tank...its just inside the motor.


You only have to pay attention to the "Regular Oil Change" and "With Oil Filter Change." The other is for doing a complete rebuild, or fresh motor, you will never be able to get ALL the oil out of you're engine when draining and doing regular changes, so that extra is already inside.

It is EXACTLY one quart inside the engine, if you don't change the filter, then with the filter it is one quart, plus very little of another quart. I never get it exactly right, I always end up overfilling it, but I just warm the bike up, then pull the excess drain plug, which is located behind the shifter, it will drain the overfill, then when it's drained, put it back on, check you're oil by warming up the bike, and it should be perfect on the dipstick. :thumbsup:

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