bk mod and p38?

Does anyone know if the bk mod works with the p38?

I did the bk mod and can't realy tell any diference.does the p38 effect the duration of the squirt? I checked the squirt time before the bk mod and it was about 1.5 seconds.

The pump linkage rotates very little to begin with how much do you restrict it's movement with the set screw?

They both do the same thing. Did you rejet after installation of the P-38??


OOPS! just posted almost an identical Question. guess I should open my eyes! but I'm still wondering the pos. and neg. to the P38. I am going to do the B.K. mod soon any way (curiosity killed the cat) and I need to try for MORE POWER!

thanks again

I rejetted to a 48 pilot and up on the main also but can't remember what size it is.

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