TTR-250 street legal?

Hey guys, i havent been on the forums for a while, ive just been so busy with work, and whatnot.

Anyways, my dad has a 2001 TTR-250, and i was just curious if i could make it street legal if i buy the directionals, and stuff. It says in the manual that it can't, but thats probably just because it only has a headlight and taillight. So, anyone know?

If you can dual sport off road bikes in Rhode Island all you need is a Dual Sport kit. The TTR250 was originally sold as a dual sport in Europe, Asia and Australia. For what ever reason Yamaha never sold the dual sport version of the bike in the U.S.

Try posting this same question in the forum that matches your region. Lots of guys have done DS conversions of full MX bikes, and many still have ways to do it.

Look into Baja Designs conversion kits.

At least, here in Chile, we get as dual sport as well, i can tell the headlight is H4 55/60 watt, good headlight and with kickstart too :ride: . I think the Us version down there, the headlight bulb is smaller ( 35/35watt) anyway, i guess is the same alternator, so, you could fit the bigger headlight or just replace a H4 55/60 watt bulb.

cheers :thumbsup:

Thanks, i will post in my region and find out for Rhode Island. I wonder if i could dual-sport my

I put a Baja Designs kit on a 2000 TTR 250 it works great. It was an easy install.

You need to research the Vehical registration laws in your state before you go crazy.

They work pretty good on the Highway if you keep them under 65mph under 60 would be better.

Thanks, i looked up RI, and i dont need directionals lol. Rhode Island isnt that strict with motorcycle laws. I dont know if i will dual-sport it tho, it was just an idea. Thanks all :thumbsup:

well i am in Australia and pretty much all yami's come street legal above 125cc excluding motocross bikes.including all wr's and my tt-r 230 is street legal :applause::thumbsup:

If you don't need signals the 250 will be easy to convert. the tail light has a brake light in it already just need the switches, same for the headlight it has a highbeam just needs to be wired up. I am working on plating mine now, I used brake and light switches from a xt 600 as well as the spedo, one from any xt will work. Hardest part was making the mount for the spedo only thing I had to buy was signals, wire and conectors.

You say that the ttr 250 had a high beam but needs to be wired up. What exactly do you mean by that? I bought a Tusk Dual Sport Lighting Kit and it has three wires that can be connected to the headlight, however, this is my first time converting a bike to a dual sport, I cannot seem to figure out how the wires connect to the headlight. The old switch only had two wires coming out and the new one has three for the high beam. Any help would be much appreciated.

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