Dual Sporting a WR426 in Pa

Has anyone successfully titled and licensed a WR426 for the road in Pennsylvania ?

Any issues ?

Im also interested as im moving there in 2 weeks..

You'l need to perform the requirements of form MV-426B


Its a major pain and will be even more difficult after the end of the year. (Per the local dealers) Currently the process takes 6-8 wks.

After all your work and $$ to DS a bike, PA can still refuse it . the big problem is the 'Off road use only' designation on the title.

damn, i just looked at that site and a lot of the forms on it ... in Aus the WR's come from the dealer with full road registration as standard for any part of Australia - lucky us, sorry guys in Pa.

Looks like it will be a track monster then...

The easiest way might be to buy a POS Yamaha frame and title for a couple bucks, then chop it up and make yourself a nice little cap for your WR steerer tube and welder on there. Not that I have put much thought into this. I didn't have to go this route but...

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