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OK so changed the air filter on my crf on Friday, and let it sit out overnight to completely dry. I put some paper towel in the air box boot to prevent anything from getting in the carb. Saturday morning i oil the filter put it back on the bike and go riding Sunday, Well my bike wont start. No pinched fuel lines its got spark, i don't know what it is. So i put my hand in the air box and FIND THE PAPER TOWEL in the intake boot!! I pulled part of it out but it ripped and one piece was stuck so i loaded up the bike and watch my buddy burn a couple laps. Then he eats it hard on a table top. Bike bounced then he landed on the bars. A few scratches and a swollen knee hes okay. as for the bike the forks were twisted and the bars were bent.

All in all a bad day at the track.

So when i got home i lifted the sub frame and seen the little piece or paper towel stuck on the throttle slide, twist the throttle and out comes the paper. Now do you think that everything is okay inside? i cant see anything past the slide, and the only time the throttle was opened was when the bike was not running. It ran for maybe 30 seconds, an one small blip or the throttle and sputtered and died. I think it should be fine just wanted to check.

And yes i know I'm the stupidest person ever!! Funny thing is I'm not a newb, well not completely.....

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