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wow a lot of sore knees out there, how bout the cartilage

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hey Doc,

i was just browsin the site and found this section , cool!

i feel for all you guys with busted up stuff, good luck on your rehab road,

i have had an ACL job on the left knee, they took something from the lower leg and tiied it in, not sure if that was the right way to do it or not, maybe you could fill me in on that,

plus i split my cartilage in 2 or 3 places and my doc said he sewed it back up

i went through the rehab part and got a custom made brace and for the most part i have had a pretty active lifestyle, i still have pain in the knee and there is still some insability, the brace works for me just fine, is there something i can do as far a shark cartilage or what ever to help with the overall rebuilding of tissue?

thanx in advance,

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ok cool pills!

as far as i can remember they took a strand just below the knee on the inside the scar starts just bellow the joint and goes about 3" whats up with that?

i was thinking of up-grading my brace because it does not have any coverage on the knee cap, i was thinking of the astrisk cell, the new one grabs onto your boot with a strap, i think it would do a good job of keeping everything tight but now that i have read a few threads on here i am nervous.

i'm sure this has been pounded to death on here

as to what works best, i'll read on,

thanx again

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