new exhaust studs...loctite or antiseize?

After several frustrating hours :thumbsup: , I managed to remove both broken exhaust studs on the left side exhaust via drill and tap (super careful use of a center punch required)...the other via the welder and nut method. :ride: My question now is should I use copper flake anti-seize or some type of threadlocker on the new studs? I'd think that the anti-seize would be better for future removal, but I don't want them to loosen and fall out on our pending trip to the Hatfield and McCoy trails.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance!

Since they remain hot while riding, it's unlikely they will come out. The anti seize would do the trick.

Antisieze most definitely....You don't want to go thru that all that extra work again incase you want them out again... :thumbsup:

You can't go wrong with the gotta think to the future......:thumbsup:


been using antiseize on mine for ever, in fact when I get a new used bike, this is one of the first things I do. Install new exhaust gaskets and put antisieze on the studs and nuts.

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