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stm slipper clutch installed now it creep's

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Well my buddy helped me install the slipper on a 05 crf250r

well everything went in fine but when we tried to adjust everything the lever was tight

so we let some slack off and it felt good

started the bike and went into gear and it felt like it was slipping the whole way

so we took it apart and saw that the throw out bearing was to tight like the push rod was pushing to hard on it

well we looked everywere and thru the crappy STM and we couldnt figure it out so he came to the conclusion that the push rod was a bit long so we ground it down

well the pressure came off but now with lever fully engaded the bike creeps

Now here is my question

when we took the stock clutch out there was a washer behind the OEM plate and we didnt install it back he said that with his 450r it didnt need it

has anyone installed this clutch on this bike and did they install the washer or not


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I installed a STM clutch in my crf 250 about a month ago. I have had nothing but good luck with this clutch. I ride offroad at the local tracks here in SO Cal. I did not have a problem with the install. The directions don't say to take the OEM spacer out. You do need to leave it in. :applause: as far as your pushrod goes.... why would you do that? :applause: you are going to have to get a new one. :thumbsup: It is kind of a bummer that you have to go through all of this to get this thing installed but at least you got an STM because my buddy has one of the other slipper clutches. I cant remember which one he has but he complains about it not being very sensitive to opening. Its not as smooth as ours thats for sure I rode his bike.

I see your point with the instructions though they could be a little more clear. don't they have a tech line? you should have called them?....

good luck :ride:

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