Streetable 01 426

I was wondering if the stator in a 01 YZ 426 would put out enough wattage to support a LED tail/brake light or if i will still be needing a upgraded stator? Also I was wondering if anyone that has streeted one of these bikes has pictured and if so please share them. I also have tranny problems and was getting ready to tear it down and i got a hair brain idea to put a Athena 480 big bore kit in it, and was wondering if that is worth the effort and what all else do you need to change in means of the exhaust and carburation? Thanks Jake

You will have to get a stator. Your current one is for the ignition. I put a moose stator (Parts Unlimited) in my '99 YZ400 when I converted it to a street legal supermoto. The moose stator will have the ignition and lighiting coils right on it. simple swap. The new stator even has the same factory connector for ignition, and then two wires for lighting.

These two wires produce AC power, so you'll have to get a rectifier/regulator to convert it to DC, and keep the voltage down when the motor is really humming.

If you want to run a LED light, you'll probably want to get a small sealed lead acid battery and put it in the airbox. At idle you will most likely only produce about 6 Vdc, not enough to run the LEDs. The battery will pick up the slack when your not making that much power.

If your looking to put it on the street, check HERE

I ended up paying a title company in texas $250 to get a title with no "off road use only" wording on it. Walked into the DMV and had no problems. :thumbsup:

If you want to see some pics of my bike, CLICK HERE

Feel free to email me if you need help wiring up the bike, I've already made all the mistakes, so I can give you step by step details on how to get it done in a snap.

I have my 01 on the street. I used a WR stator and rotor, LED tail and twin 35watt head lights. It is not the best bike for the road though. You will have to change your gearing. Stock it will be pretty much maxed out at 75kmh.

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