enLIGHTen me...

It's coming winter here in western PA (meaning it's getting dark at about 4:30 pm)and a couple friends with quads want to go riding a lot lately. Of course their blasters have headlights,and i am lucky enuff to have a bike that comes stock with a beam, but i need a replacement bulb for the headlamp. Mine blew out (also how i found out the resistor wasn't plugged in), so i might as well replace the taillight while i'm at it so the quads don't rear-end me.

Q: Can anyone give me the #'s i need to get replacement bulbs at my local dealer today? I have the clymer manual, but couldn't find the headlamp.

Hopefully this post works, cuz other than with one of my buds last year in the snow, i have never been trailriding at night. (i was on one of his quads last year,...my bike at teh time didn't have a light) Sounds like it might be fun to try.



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please help me!!! i don't have the owner's manual that would have the # in it!!! the clod that owned the bike before me lost the manual and bought one for the yzf!!! :D:D:)

It's an H4 bulb, available at ANY bike shop.

You may want to try a 100/80W bulb, should be brighter than the stock 60/55W bulb. Or you could get a stock bulb and wire both the high and low beams together. This is my preference because you're getting both close and long range light.

When I used to dual sport (could switch between high and low anytime), I was constantly switching it back and forth on a dark trail. What a pain!

On a '00 and up, the stator output is 120W. You won't want to exceed this too much (if at all) considering both the head and tail light, I understand damage to stator can occur if you overload it, but have no proof to back this up.

Might I recommend a reflector (possibly some reflective tape on your helmet) instead of the using the rear light? That would allow you more juice to run the two stock high and low (60/55) filiments. Or one of those $5 bicycle blinking flashers? they are so annoying to the guy behind you, it will discourage them from riding your butt. Don't attach it to your bike, it will get destroyed pretty quick (been there, done that).

Attach it to your jersey/chest protector.

Reflective tape is nice--no power, no batteries, no maintenance, etc. A few strips on your swingarm, just above the mudguard on the rear fender, and your helmet should do the trick.

Good luck! I just swapped back the front light myself this weekend-damn it getting dark quickly! (ohio)

tell me about it. this is discouraging. i can't go riding till i get my light fixed cuz by the time loaded, organized with buddy, drive to riding area, unload, wait for buddy (usually a little late) and hit the trail, we wouldn't get even a full 2 hours of riding time. :)

thanks for the info on the lights.

high and low beams??? you can switch them? i have the stock headlight on my 98, and it only has a on off switch that came stock on the handibars. i'll probably get the 100/80watt bulb. a little more lite couldn't hurt my riding. LOL :D


No, you can't switch them without a dual sport switch, or if you're real creative with wiring. My last bike was a dual sport, so I had that switch already. Sorry for the confusion.

What I was talking about involved either modifying or cutting off the stock two-way plug that attaches to the bulb. Either splice a new hi beam crimp on or use a $3 NAPA 3 prong H4 bulb plug (like what comes standard on street bikes and dual sports), then splicing both the hi and lo together so they run ALL THE TIME TOGETHER! Don't do this with the hi output bulbs, only do it with a stock wattage bulb. I prefer the three-prong plug, it's a cleaner, less problematic setup.

The higher watt bulb will be better than what you had, but after trying both I like running both filiments at the same time using the stock bulb.

Good luck, and be sure to roost that quads!

hey, thanks again, but i gots another prob! :)

i know that a halogen isn't supposed to be touched, but when i opened the box to take quick peek to make sure it was the correct bulb, i think i grazed the glass while pulling one of the box flaps open. NOT SURE. i want to clean it if i can, just to be sure, but not sure how. I heard you clean clean them GENTLY with alchohol. true? i'd rather try cleaning it than buying a new bulb if i don't have to. my dealer had a cheap aftermarket in stock (bout $8) in the stock power (H4, 60/55W) should work good enuff for me.

i also got a taillight bulb.

P.S. don't worry bout roosting the quads. they've hadit coming to them for some time now. i got stuck behind them on a particularly fast and DUSTY stretch of trail this summer. i see some mud in their future. :D

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rubbing alcohol should work just fine. Make sure there is no oil residue left.

Another tip, take the bulb to an auto parts store/ k-mart/walmart/whatever. You should find them cheaper than the dealer. Though you may not have a wide range of wattage to chose from.

Oh, I'll add, that goes for any motorcycle lamp.

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thanks a lot tbronco. that brightens my day up :D ... :) ...sorry...play on words :D ... that was bad... :D ...i'll shut up now... :D

Now that you have the bulb and wiring set up, GO AND GET TWO SPARE BULBS. 1 to take on the trail and 1 to leave in the spare parts box!

hey xrracer36, i used to do a ton of night riding back when i lived in pittsburgh, some of the best riding at night was these trails we maintained of off rochester road, you can also get there from 19, if your familar with the wexford area, should be a 30 min drive, email me if u want directions

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