XRR appreciation

So what if it's been like, 10 years since my last desert race. Back then I rode 2 smoke 250s & felt I couldn't get any faster, or that a 4 stroker would ever be of interest. Then I got this dual sported XRR a few months ago expecting it to be a really cool DS bike with some off road limitations. Took it out today to the local ORV area, which pretty much sucks unless you're prepping for a desert race. Rutted with LOTS of whoops, some about 2 feet high in a long sandwash. This is absolutely the finest bike for this type of high speed stuff I've ever swung a leg over! I know I'm faster than I was 10 years ago on 2 smokes despite being 10 yrs older. I was less fatigued as well. There are some moderately tight trails in spots too which were ridden with much less effort than I expected. I do not notice the weight of this bike off road, though I expect that very tight single track may be a little taxing but no where near discouraging. Right on, now I've got not only a great DS setup but a truly great all 'rounder. I might add that it's geared pretty tall as well-15/45. Plenty of torque & I didn't use the clutch near as much as I expected. No overheating either & it was pretty hot today, even at slow speeds with a totally stock cooling system.

I'm jealous.

I live in northeast PA, no such trails out here, at least none that I've heard of. I've darn-near memorized Dust to Glory. My son Joe lives in Denver and just got an XRR, also DS. He's got some good wide open areas out there and is in the process of dialing in his carb and putting some needed TLC into his R to get it up to speed.

I have to satisfy myself with some well-timed, empty interstate high-speed runs. Not legal but I try to be careful and wait for no traffic. The good news is that with the R you do not need much time to get up to the rev limiter. I am running 15/48 and reading your post inspired me to order 16/44 today (that will work with the stock chain according to SNAGGLEXR650). That's tall gearing, yep, but I have mine set up for supermoto, running 17" rims and tires front and rear... (see My Garage).

Update: I just now completed the order! :thumbsup:

I am blessed with several really good bikes and have owned many others. The XRR ranks in the top 2-3 bikes I have ever ridden. I finally got around to checking my suspension settings last week after noticing for some time now that high speed bumps seemed harsh. It was set at about 80% firm front and rear, compression and rebound. I backed everything off to about the middle. Wow, I am in love all over again!

You are right hypersthenos, the XRR is sweet.


Ride safe, all.

I would imagine the 4-stroke dirt bikes have come a long way since 10 years ago, not just the XR650R. Have you tried the latest CRF450X? those thing are about as scary as my uncles CR500 2-stroke monster back in the 80's, but much more manageble and nimble in weight.

I've got my XR650R converted to D/S Motrad as well, I've got my WR250F to do all the dirt ride around my area in eastern PA. Even with the lack of electric start, less than sufficient headlight for street use at night.


Hopefully one day convert it to this:


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