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'02 WR250f v '04 WR250f ?

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Hi all,

I have an '02 250f that had a YZ cam, YZ timing, airbox mods, Staintune muffler, rejetted, 12 tooth front 52 rear.

I just bought an '04 250f and transferred the YZ cam, fitted a Staintune header and muffler, rejetted, airbox mods, 12 tooth front and 52 rear.

The '04 doesn't have nearly as much bottom end as the '02 had with the cam etc. and the 02 that now has the stock '04 WR cam and stock pipe still has better bottom end that the YZ modded '04. I have ridden both back to back and the 02 has much more snap off the bottom. The 04 is better than stock but not good enough.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I really notice the difference :thumbsup:

Thanks all

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