'99 YZ400 Graphics..Plastic upgrade? Different Tank? Need Help, Please read.

OK, now that I'm done converting my '99 YZ400 into my street legal supermoto bike, I want to put some nice graphics on there. I'm actually toying with the idea of having a custom set made.

Here's the problem, as we all know, the graphics don't stay on the tank for $hi@. I've tried all kinds of things in the past.....

Draining the tank for a few weeks before I put on the graphics

Keeping a full tank of gas

Cracking my gas cap when the bike was sitting there

Using a razor to make sure all the little slits were open in the graphics

They all helped delay the inevitable crappy looking tank graphics.

My question is this. What if I get an IMS or a Clarke tank? Are they thicker, will they hold the graphics better?

Has anybody ever tried to put '06 plastic on a 400/426?

I'd only be interested in the tank and shrouds from the '06.

Any help would be appreciated, Thanks guys.

Oh, here she is......


You can put 03-05 plastics on the 1998-2002 yzf's, the 2006 plastic is completely different.

I got the same enjoy graphics on my 99, they look a lot better covered in mud!

Your ride looks great, much work to street it? How much?

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