own a Vapor Trail Tech, Question for those that have one?

Hey all, I just got my Vapor, I saw the Inline Water Temp sensor but I was wondering if I can tap some place and place it in like the Thermostat Housing, or the Radiator if area thick enough, Or maybe use it as an Oil Temp.

What would be better to know, Water Temp, or Oil Temp?

Thanks in advance,


just get yourself the xr's only dipstick/oil temp plug. on my vapor i put it in the line from the thrmostat housing to the right radiator. trail tech said that it was cool.

I put the temp sensor between engine block and thermostat housing. works great but you have to add some teflon tape or something else to that T-fitting to make it fit snug. The hose clamps they send with the kit also don't fit - they are too small


just get yourself the xr's only dipstick/oil temp plug.

Those temp dipsticks are a waste of money. I put one on my first XR650R. They take moisture in through the glass, rust and quit working. Even while they do work once the moisture gets in, it fogs the glass and you can't see the temp. Eventually the stick itself will fall off the unit. Junk in my opinion.

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