YZF 450 v YZF 250

I am considering a YZF 250 or a YZF 450 as my next bike as a replacement for my WR450. I am a big guy (6'3'' and 200 pounds, in good physical shape) and raced "open bikes" all my life (CR500, YZF465, ...). I am back riding after 15 years and find my WR450 too heavy (otherwise it's a great bike). I trail ride a lot, do a bit of MX for fun (no races) and race Hare Scrambles (+ 40 class).

The fast guys here in HS ride smaller 2 strokes (YZF/RM/KX 250 or KTM 200).

I am considering getting a YZF 450 with a 9 oz heavier flywheel or a YZF 250 (probably with a heavier flywheel but lighter than 9 oz).

Here are my questions:

1) Is the YZF 250 too weak for a big guy like me? Will I really miss the big 450 power? (The YZF 250 has the same power/weight ratio as my WR450...)

2) Because I am relatively heavy and stil pretty fast, will the YZF 250 be more maintenance (both time and $$$)

Thanks for the feedback, I don't want to make the wrong choice.

I'd get the 450, the 250 needs to be rev'd more, the 450 is a tractor, their isn't that much weight difference, especially the new 450. Mike

I race motocross, so and I'm about 180. So when I went to buy a new bike, I thought about how much money I would have to pour into a 250f to make myself somewhat competitive on it in the mod/youth classes. The 450, you change the bar height and you dont have to worry about power, your right hand takes care of all that. Even though the 450 was about 700 bucks more than the 250f where I bought from, I would spend more than half of that on a good exhaust for it. But for the woods, if you can keep the 250 spooled up and keep it flowin, you should be fine, but they both handle well.

I was thinking about the same decision before I bought my new bike. I'm also a big kid, not so much fat, but just heavy as in muscle and strength too. I was going to get the 250F, seeing I was coming off a TTR-125L, I really thought the 450F would be crazy on me, but I figured if I went with the 450F I wouldn't have to upgrade so soon down the road, and I will always have the power I need when I want to use it. I figured if a 125 was a 250F, and a 250 was a 450F, then I wanted a 250 2-Stroke before (when I had the TTR I always wanted the 250 2-Stroke, but this was before 4-Strokes ruled), so I just went with the 450F, it's a very powerful bike, but the power is friendly, and isn't being thrown at you like some may think, yet it still has all the power.

I recently rode a buddies '06 YZ250F, while at the track, and I will admit, it has ton's of power, but not near as much as the 450F does. With the 250F, I would have to be a gear, maybe even two gears higher, to be where I would be on my 450F. As for more maintenance, I would think on the 450F you could get away with stock spring rates, and suspension setup, at least I can, and the bike feels fine, although I never rode aftermarket suspension so I can't tell the difference. The 250F, I'm pretty sure has lighter stock springs, so you might have to change those out. Oil changes, valve checking, and all that would be the same on both.

In conclusion, if you want a bike where you won't be worried about the power issue, and upgrading later, go with the 450 man. At you're weight, and my weight, I figure it is just better to go with the 450 in the first place, I learned on my 450 quick, first ride I got a feel for it a little bit, then after a month I was throwing whips.

Whatever decision you make, at least it will be a Yamaha, and the bike will be great for ya. A few things to change would be handlebars (unless you're short), maybe front tire, possibly jetting, a good skid plate to protect you're cases, and any other goodies you wish to put on it.

Good Luck, and have fun with whatever bike you get! :thumbsup:

At your weight, I would go w/ the 450. It is a bike designed to carry a guy your (and mine too) size around faster with less effort and aftermarket upgrades. My son races the 250F and I love to ride it but I hate jumping w/ it. It bottoms easily under my weight of 215.

i have a 06 450 and it is just bad!! i love it, i had the suspension messed with, but i way 220, just the valving. It handles so good in corners, whoops, and seems to be forgiving if u overjump it! And if u want more power just throw a pipe on it, rejet and your done, it was like a night and day difference, Good LUCK!!!

Thanks guys for the good input. I posted the same thread on the YZF250 forum, just in case there was a bias (which of course there is).

You know in life, when you miss something really bad and then you can get it, you tend to over do it a bit. I feel that my WR is a hog, way to heavy for Hare/Scrambles, so I might be over doing it by considering a YZF250. I guess that the difference between the WR's 250 pounds versus the YZF450's 220 pounds will more than make me happy. I have ridden a YZF450 2006 and absolutely love it!!! :thumbsup:

Plus, with my weight, the 450 will make a better play bike in open trail, MX tracks and sand pits. What was I thinking?? :applause:

Thanks again for the input

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