whats the best exhaust

I have a 2006 yz450f and I was curious if anyone knows what exhaust will give me the most horse power increases in low and mid-range

I'd say it was fairly likely that no one knows that, but the Dr.D full stainless system works well on ours.


Nice first post... :thumbsup:

White Bros will do it

White bros

Carbon pro will turn the thing in to a monster.

i have a 2003 but my ti-4 helped a lot

Maybe somebody can answer this for me...I don't see much difference between the stock header and all the aftermarket headers with the exception of the powerbomb. It seems to my ignorant @ss that an aftermarket header is not going to do much performance-wise. I can see how the various aftermarket slip-ons or silencers can make a big difference...but is a new header worth the $$?

I think Dr. D is a stepped header (meaning the diameter increases as you go further down the pipe in case you didn't know what that meant) maybe it was a different brand I dunno and it may not be obvious but other than that I had the same question I hear the TA(thunder alley) pipe is pretty good and they are a lot cheaper than some of the big name ones

They can be worth it, yes. One difference in OEM and AM headers can be in the length. You've probably seen "low boy" headers on Hondas before. These will do one or both of two things: lower the CG by pulling the muffler down and forward, or lengthen the exhaust to bring the power into a lower rpm range.

Another recent development in exhaust technology, mostly where mufflers are involved, is the stepped header; one in which the diameter is increased fairly abruptly at several points along the way to alter the behavior of the pressure waves that occur in the pipe. Done right, this can be quite effective.

But the trouble is, as always, in determining whose exhaust is bling, and whose really does make an improvement (and, exactly what improvement does it make).

I have a Dr.D as well and I am really happy with it. It is a lot snappier and pulls harder. I dont mean that it HITS harder it simply PULLS harder. It has eliminated the excess wheel spin that I use to have and I can hit the jumps with short run ups. They are also pretty cheap (for a 4 stroke full system) and since it doesnt have any of the fancy materials I am confident that it will last a long time.

I am really really happy with my FMF megabomb and Factory 4.1

I have a Rocket on my 250F, which you can check out in my garage. It looks better than anything, except maybe the White Bros. and definatley hits hard all over the place.

I have a DR. D on my 04 450 woods bike Im happy with it... no pipe on the 06 till the stocker don't work any more haha

You said more bottom to mid power - might want to read the dyno charts real carefully, most pipes take some power away from the bottom and put it up on top. On my 03 YZ450F, the stock pipe out powered all the aftermnarket pipes low - mid , especially the ones with the larger diameter header pipes. And the stock pipe was quieter than most. If you need a a spark arrestor, just buy an end cap and save yourself some money.

As other riders in this thread note, White Brothers all the way. I have a 2004 with the Aluminum Pro and it provides great low,mid and top end overall for my bike. It was a great deal from Motosport Outlet and the price was right.

2004 YZ450

W/B Aluminum Pro

Factory Connection Suspension-Top Clamp

Pro Taper Windham Bars

Kenda Treads

You make a good point about comparing dyno charts when they are available. It's also good to consider the source of the information, too, when doing so.

Look at where the AM pipe produces more or less than the stock one. That's where you may get the best idea as to which one will work better for what you're trying to accomplish.

It is not, however, true that all AM pipes move the power up the scale. A lot of the offerings for the '06 are targeted to improving the low to mid snap, as that was what many felt was lacking in the bike.

I have run the Dr. D full system, the FMF 4.1 Carbon slip on and the 4.1 with a megabomb. The Dr. D full system and the 4.1 with the mega bomb are very very close in performance. They are not , however, close in price. The Dr. D is by far the most bang for the buck in my opinion.

one of the guys that i ride with(well actually i see him ride past me alot) he tried a stock head pipe and the fmf powerbomb last week. and i heard him say the power bomb sucked. he didn't like the way the bike felt with it on there.

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