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Terry Peak ride report

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I want to thank Mart Geary and Terry Peak ski resort for putting on the RMEC HS season finally. Mart reads TT so anyone wanting to thank him chime in!

I woke about 7am to the sound of RAIN!! The parade lap was delayed until 9am but it was still raining.... the course had a pro only section, an A/B only section and a place where you could pick easy but long, shorter but harder, and really short but very diffacult. I tried the very diff and could not clean the hill on my cr250, it was the easy from there on.

It was about an 8.5 mile loop up and down the ski slopes, rocky rooty single track going down in the trees then up the slope back to the top. The first mile or 2 was very tight single track and wore on me right from the beginning. The course was wet but not too muddy yet. Roots and rocks were slick though. There was a 2 track for about a mile or so half way in the loop and that was your only rest! After the parade lap we had about 30 min and then started the race at 11. Everyone voted on keeping the race the same length.... I was voting on the side of an hour and a half. All classes raced at once, which went fine. The course was well marked and any new "more virgin" trial that was added since last year was well marked. The single track was awsome if you like steep, rocky rooty challenging stuff (I do when Im in shape and not headed toward the outhouse half the day :ride:

At 11 am it was still raining, but off we all went. I was doing pretty good the first half lap but my summer off of riding and a bit of a stomach bug I got from Mexico started to take its toll. I was hanging behind Alan Byer but he made less mistakes than I and off he went. On lap 2 it was getting pretty slick and I continued feel the pains of old Mexico. After an hour in the steady rain and deteriating course I decided to call it quits.... The C's came in not long after, then the A/B and pro's at the 2 1/2 hour mark! (2 hrs plus a lap) They were beat. I heard talk that this was the toughest race many had done, Alan Byer (2nd place Sen A) chalked it up right behind Boot Hill in 99. If could have done the hole thing I probably would have agreed.

Dave Nuemeister and Berny Fredrick were out front (Dave led for all but the last half lap), but Berny cought Dave on the last lap to win the event. Lance Bross had bike problems and didnt line up after the parade lap, Rusty Davis put it to us in the Vet A, but anyone who finished truly was a winner that day. No major injuries to speak of and trophies were handed out 45 min after the last A/B came thru!!! oh and it was still RAINING! :thumbsup:

Next year this will be a qualifier style enduro in the RMEC using more terrain up there. The RMEC Hare Scramble series will not be run next year for various reasons, mostly that turnout was not high enough and it was diluting the RMEC enduro events which was not the intent. Thanks to all who came out and raced it was a lot of fun!


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