Another Newbie on board

Hello everyone

Just picked up my Canadian '02 WR 426 yesterday, and as I was unpacking it from the crate I thought of some questions to get your opinions on, hopefully they aren't the same old repeats.

Is the unmarked muffler a US legal spark arestor ?

Is there a grey wire on this '02 import ?

Will I need to do the "octopus removal" ?

Can the odometer be removed ? Looks like you need some type of cap to cover the bearing.

What is the best type of skid plate for full protection ?

The good old fuel question , race or pump premium ?

Of course the airbox lid, BK mode, and throttle stop are no brainers, are there any other ideas ?

Bike will be used for open desert ( Ocotillo Wells, Cal City etc.) to nasty 1 st. gear AZ rock trails.


02 Canadian WR 426

01 WR 250 F

01 YZ 250 F

01 XR 400

I don't think the canadian model will have the grey wire. 02 = no octopus

yes on spark arrestor.

I used a YZ spacer when I removed my ODO.. (panoram computer)

I like th E-line carbon fiber skid plate

full frame coverage, water pump protection, light looks cool!

have fun! take chances!

I liked the low end increase of the power bomb header.. but I also have the FMF megamax.

P.S. 97 oct. is good... I have heard of race gas dry rotting the seals and acc. pump in the carb.

[ November 28, 2001: Message edited by: crazyadam ]

- YZ timing (check the technical section for how-to)

- Change to a YZ tank and seat (a few options out a search)

- Change gear ratios based on your type of riding (if desired)

- Change the crappy stock tires to something Michellin M-12's or Dunlop 756's

- Do searches on jetting (lots of info out there) and take suggestions from others at a similar altitude/location.

I'm not so sure about the US legal spark arrestor. I do know that even a marked "US Legal Spark Arrestor" may not even be legal.

In the US it must also state the type of arrestor. ie screen type.

There was a recent article in either the latest Dirt Rider or last months issue on this exact subject.

Just be sure rather than sorry. Have fun!.


Thanks guys for the replies, all great ideas.

I called the dealer in Toronto about the spark arrestor, and he stated that it meet Canadian regulations eh ?

The end cap is welded to the muffler and there is no baffle to remove, so we'll try it and see how it runs.

To the best of my knowledge the Canadian pipe has no spark arrestor at all. Have a nice day eh. P.Z.

P.S. - what's with the handle? Do you actually own and ride a Maico!?

[ November 30, 2001: Message edited by: Pete Z ]

I believe the Canadian Mod. does have grey wire, Heard somewhere but can't remember. won't take long to find out though.To be all legal must say U.S.F.S approved.All the sugestions you got from the site vets are good ones.As a matter of fact I have some like new 739 (stock) tires I'll sell you cheap!!(L.O.L)

Good Luck and enjoy!!!

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