In their ultimate collective wisdom, the Brian's waved their magic wand and promoted me to Moderator for this rowdy rabble. As such, I'll do my best to help out without being too harsh on the Greenies, card-carrying member of the PRC, and wet-nosed newbies. I've been given a list of expectations and a menu of do's and don'ts for rookie moderators, and since this is my favorite place in cyberspace, I hope to only make it better. Thanks to those who chimed in with their support. With that said however, I will continue to offer up the odd "op-ed" piece from time to time, and I'd be more than happy to take any topic suggestions via PM. If anybody has any questions, advice, direction or secret recipes they'd like to send my way, my mailbox is always open. Peace, Out :thumbsup: ...SC


good to see you have the time....because we all know you have the motivation for the job.


Please show mercy on the proletariat as you look down on us from the ivory tower.

did you get a hat with MODERATOR across the front of it?

and a shirt with badges on the shoulders?

do you wear them when you are moderating.?

do you now wear them to bed too?

do you now introduce yourself " Hi i'm steve, the moderator on the wr forum on Thumpertalk?

do moderators have to answer questions?

congrats anyway, hopefully it wont be a too stressful task given all the bland personalities here....

btw what about an amnesty for previously banned popular and helpful members who may have reacted negatively to previous moderators and may have offended some powers that matty 05

let bygones be bygones or bi gones if they want.....

maybe even a trial period with a good behaviour clause.........

good luck

happy moderatin


John in Vegas

Congrats or commiserations.... :ride::thumbsup: From what I've seen of your valuable advice on TT I think it has been a great move for the future of TT & I personally have used your advice very successfully. Well done from Oz!

good. i could use a beeeatch slap every now and then. best if it comes from you.

I would like to see way more pro-mountain bike posts please........

Clark, I have a question:

If I see scissor-bill tracks on the PCT........ does that mean its ok to put WR tracks down too?


Well done and enjoy.

At least it gives you a legit excuse to check out TT more often...not that anyone needs one!


did you get a hat with MODERATOR across the front of it?

we do.

it looks like a wizards hat or witches hat (no brim) and they spell our title -> D U N C E!

cool huh? :thumbsup:

congratulations SC.

i don't post much, but check the thread daily and you are the most qualified.

now let's talk secret recipes. D756 marinaded with a ultra heavy tube do i bake it at 15psi or should i just got with 18psi for the hungry rocks :thumbsup:


Alright you miscreants, I'll be gone this weekend, campin' and ridin' in NorCal with my quiet insert :thumbsup: and non-resident green sticker. Y'all have a great Labor Day and keep those scissorbills in your crosshairs :applause:...SC

Right on SC, hope you still got time to help a bro get his old WR400 in shape!


Does this mean you are now wearing spandex when you ride your mountain bike? Seriously, Congrats and thanks for the words of wisdom for this wet nosed newbie to the WR world

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