600 miles on tank of gas

Stock with kn and pipe and 158 main.Thanks

Um...earth to Brint, I dont think you know I was joking OK

Aint gonna happen Yo

what the hell are you talking about

how far can a 600 go on tank of gas

Not the greatest way to start out on a messageboard. Does your post title tell us anything about what your actual question is? My assumption was someone has a bike that'll go 600 miles on a tank of gas and they want to tell us about it.

Figure about 90 miles....could be less........go ride it and find out for yourself. LOTS of variables.

I was wanting an idea.I was thinking 45 miles or so in woods.

could be. depends if wood uphill. tank size & Elevation too. hope i help you. thanks

30 to 40 miles, Maybe more if you rode like a grandma...

But it's all good...... :thumbsup:

I see that you have the K&N filter. I'm gurssing that you are on the road. If so I'd say 90 or so miles to a tank. Less if you are going fast, say 80+.

The K&N is not the best filter for the dirt. It lets too much dust through. Get a foam filter for the dirt. The mileage will be somewhat less in the dirt. Mellow single track 80 miles. Really nasty stuff uses more gas. It would have to be bad to only get 45 miles a tank.

I was wanting an idea.I was thinking 45 miles or so in woods.

from what I have seen with others it is about 60 at worst before reserve, 90 at best. All depends on how fast U B goin!

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