WR Rear Fender w/ Tail Light

Do any of you WR experts know where I can buy a WR rear fender with a tail light?? I am making a street legal YZ250 and the drop down tail lights that are offered look WAY dorky, and I don't want to have that stupid thing hanging there when I ride off road! (which is most of what I do)

I know there is only a single filament bulb in that fender, but I plan to re-wire it and install a dual filament for a running light and brake light. Any help would be much appreciated!!

Also, if anyone know of any WR years that have fenders that will bolt right on to a 2005 YZ250, that would be helpful as well.

John, where did you get the rack?

John, where did you get the rack?

Its a promotobillet rack. I like it but it sat in the garage for 2 months because I was scared to mount it. You have to drill out the threads on the subframe and cut a little notch in the fender to install. I took the plunge, did it and like it

but does that led have running and brake?? Acerbis says it's not DOT approved, does that mean it's not legal?? Or is it still??

Anyone have the WR fender with light that they would like to sell?

Thanks again.

pretty sure the acebis has both lights, I know the Baja Designs does. I guess tachnically, they arent legal to the letter of the law, but they follow the spirit of the law.

Much lighter

Cheers from Oz.

The stock one is heavy??

The stock one has 1/2" tube bracing beneath the fender & the numberplate assembly is quite heavy also. Main reason I did it was to keep all the original stuff as new until the day I decide to sell the bike. To answer the previous question the Acerbis tail light is not DOT approved but here in Oz you would have to be pretty unlucky to get checked by the police. I fitted tiny aftermarket indicators also as the originals mounted off the cross bracing which was removed.

The stock one is heavy??

after reading/remembering about the extra stuff they put on it down in oz, it probably is lighter.

but to me lighter = brighter.

My son took his off, I wil ask if he wants to sell.

that would be me....i have an 06 wr450. i replaced the rear fender with a yz one. if you want it pm and we can work something out.


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