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Rocket exhaust

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i've seen on their site they "claim" to make 5.3 peak hp, does anyone actually own this exhaust, we're talking about a 10% increase in power.. anyone that can give me some real world expeirence w/this would be muchly appreciated, i'm down to yosh, dr. d, white bros and this.. and actually leaning toward rocket.. figured i could try them out.. and yes i searched, not much info about these exhausts.. thanks guy :thumbsup:

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We run a Rocket Exhaust on our 06 RMZ-450 and have had really good luck with it. I have no dyno but there was a huge increase in power. I have heard the RMZ really responds well to aftermarket exhaust anyway and this is the only one we tried but I am sure you will be happy. There were several reasons we chose the Rocket system besides the price, we have had a lot of problems with some of the titanium systems. Titanium head-pipes dent easily and have had a lot of cracking problems with the mufflers. The Rocket is stainless back to the aluminum muffler and comes with different size cones for the muffler outlet to fine tune your power. Not only was the power increase very noticeable the system mounts up solid and has taken hits that would have killed some other systems. Beleive me my son will knock it off if it can be knocked off.

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According to the June 2005 Dirt Rider issue, the '05 does respond very well to aftermarket pipes. This is what DR said about the pipes tested, all full systems... (typed this all in)

Akrapovic Evolutin

Price: $705

Material: Titanium

Fit: Fits perfectly using 2 springs to keep the headpipe in place; mounts in minutes.

Weight: 4.98lb

Sound: 96.8dB

On the track: Off bottom, this system feels as good as the stock components, but it comes alive in the midrange. There, the power pulls strongly-much harder then stock. Top-end power is also very strong and pulls longer compared with stock.

Overall score: 96

DR. D S.S.

Price: $515.95

Material: Stainless steal headpipe with an aluminum canister and end-cap

Fit:Fits perfect using all stock hardware; mounts up in just minutes with no springs.

Weight: 6.10lb

Sound: 101.1dB

On the track: The bottom-end pulls a tad better then the stock system did, but DR. D exhaust realy comes to life in the midrange; the power is much more usable there. It pulls longer requiring less shifting. Top-end power also pulls longer before bumping the rev-limiter.

Overall score: 97

FMF Powerbomb Factory 4.1 Carbon

Price: $899.95

Material: Titanium header and midpipe with a carbon fiber canister.

Fit: This exhaust demands a bit of time and a patience to mount; the multitude of springs is a bit annoying, requiring FMF hardware, which is included.

Weight: 4.22lb

Sound: 98.8dB

On the track: The FMF system has a bit more usable power off bottom the the stock arrangement. Midrange power is much more usable and is really where the meat of the muscle is with this system. The FMF exhaust likes to be short-shifted; it works best in dry, slippery condition. Top-end power was decent, but it revs out fairly fast before knocking the rev-limiter.

Overall score: 94

Leo Vince X3

Price: $864.99

Material: Titanium

Fit: This system requires some time to install, as well as the included Leo Vince hardware and a carbon-fiber canister hanger. The X3 uses a ton of springs but comes with a trick sring puller and high-quality hardware. If you read the directions, that will save you a bit of time.

Weight: 6.15lb

Sound: 100.8dB

On the track: Bottom-end power has more snap that pulls much harder compared with the stock system. Midrange power also has more snap and feels as if it offers more torque. The top-end power pulls longer before hitting the rev-limiter. All of our test riders were able to use second and third gear much longer with a lot less shifting.

Overall score: 97

Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP

Price: $799.95

Material: Titanium

Fit: The PC system mounts up easily in minutes and uses springs to attach the midpipe to the canister.

Weight: 5.42lb

Sound: 99.9dB

On the track: Bottom-end power is strong and pulls hard into the midrange. Top-end power is much more usable then the stock pipe, as the PC res out further with a lot of overrev. The PC system has usable power everywhee and can be lugged or revved to the moon. The delivery is also very smooth across the power curve.

Overall score: 98

Two Brothers Racing M7

Price: $699.98

Material: Polished titanium with a billet-aluminum end-cap

Fit: Bolted right on in minutes. It features a very trick mounting system. The midpipe bolts to the canister. All the hardware is included, as well as an Allen wrench.

Weight: 5lb

Sound: 100.5dB

On the track: The M7 is supper-snappy, offers tons of bottom-end that pulls hard and fast into the midrange. The power is instant with a stab of the clutch. The top-end spits out a quick surge of power before bumping the rev-limiter. This pipe is an extremely quick-revving, aggressive exhaust system; our pro and intermediate level test riders loved it!

Overall score: 98

White Brothers Carbon Pro

Price: $895.95

Material: Titanium header and midpipe with a carbon-fiber canister

Fit: Bolts on with ease in minutes using the stock hardware.

Weight: 4.99lb

Sound: 102.1dB FAILED!!!

On the track: This system has it all, including strong power from the bottom that pulls hard all the way through the top-end. Similar to the Two Brothers unit, this one super-aggresive as the power comes on instantly. It worked the best in high-speed sections as the power pulls and never really signs off. This setup really opened up third and fourth gears with as much roll-on power as could be lugged or revved; great power characteristics for all levels of riding.

Overall score: 99

Yoshimura TRC Pro-Series

Price: $795.95

Material: Full Titanium

Fit: Bolts on im minutes with ease using stock hardware.

Weight: 6.2lb

Sound: 100.2dB

On the track: The Yosh system offered more bottom and midrange with much more-usable roll-on power. We were able to wring out second gear much longer, most noticeably when accelerating out of tight corners. Top-end also hasgood solid, usable power that pulls much longer then the stock system.

Overall score: 98

I think that I would personally go with Dr. D based on price vs. results.

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thanks jason, i've been looking for somthing like that for weeks now, i appreciate it man! this bike is actually a supermoto only bike, so the bottom end doesnt matter a hole lot to me, im really more concerned w/the mid-top end... keep the info coming fellas

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I picked up a sponsorship offer after i applied with rocket, but i had many people tell me that theyre cheaply made, so i never bought one.

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