GYTR Skid-Plate don't fit...

This is the 4th GYTR Skid-Plate I got, and they still do not fit on my bike. Yes, I'm getting the '06 YZ450F ones. The rear hole will line up, and one of the front ones will line up, but then the left-over front hole will be almost a entire hole off center. I give up on having my dealership replace them, I think I will just run the regular stock skid-plate that runs under the frame, protecting the bottom of the cases.

As anyone else had this problem with the GYTR Skid-Plates? I just ordered a GYTR Water Pump guard, along with Rear master cylinder guard, hopefully those will line up fine, we will find out tomorrow when my work gets them in (I work at the Yamaha dealer). I would drill into the skid-plate to make the holes wider, but it is off by so much you can't. My stock one fits fine though? I also ordered from a couple different warehouses to make sure it wasn't a bad batch...I'm just really aggravated with them now. I know people said try out the Works Connection one's, which I might, or I just might run it how it is, I see many people run no skid-plates, and I been running my bike like this all season, no problems.

I called Yamaha, they said they sold quite a few of them, never came up with this issue, so maybe my holes on the bike are off? But like I said, my stock one lines up fine. Just a heads up to everyone...

I have a Thumpertalk skidplate on my bike and the fitment was perfect. I got it because I do quite a bit of off roading, hare scrambles, etc. If I were going to be strictly on a motocross track I would just stay with the stocker.

My GYTR skid plate fits perfect on my '06 YZ450F. If you ride in rocky areas, no skid plate is a big risk. Mine's saved my frame and cases a few times.

Mine fit fine....Does not even have to come off for oil changes..

I have one & don't have the problem. I do take mine off for oil changes to keep it a little neater however ...

just bolted mine on today, no issues at all. i wonder if a bracket is welded wrong on your lower frame, or maybe you took a larger impact and the lower is tweaked alittle. ski

just bolted mine on today, no issues at all. i wonder if a bracket is welded wrong on your lower frame, or maybe you took a larger impact and the lower is tweaked alittle. ski

Maybe, but I just will ride with it stock for now.

i have a gytr skidplate on my 06 and it fits no prob, i've dented it up a bunch and it gets a litttle harder to get back on when i change the oil, but i have had no alignment issues.

I'm starting to think I may have tweaked the weld somehow (this is barch88 by the way). The stock skidplate has wider holes in some spots, so you can slide it around to make it fit, here is a rough drawing I made of what I mean, I think the only reason the stock one fits is because of those wider holes it has, so I can put it in different positions to make it fit. As you can see the GYTR one just has 3 basic punched out holes...

Top= Stock. Bottom= GYTR


Sure you have thought of this but dremel out the hole that does not fit slightly to get it to line up....Should be simple and still get a tight fit.

Barch88 - you keep referencing the stock skid plate?... I didn't think they came with a skid plate?... Mine didn't. :thumbsup:

Outta the crate they come with a small skid plate that fits between the aluminum frame.

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