Stiff Clutch

I have an 03 YZF 450, the clutch lever has always been tough to pull in, I have replaced the cable and that didnt help. Does any one have any ideas on what I could do to fix it or should I just get a new one. I dont want to put that much into it because I am trying to get rid of it.

I have that actuator on my '03, and mine's a real live two finger clutch.

How often do you lube your cable? Should help a little

This is copied off of I did it on my WR450 and it was a night and day difference on how stiff the clutch was.


79-Cent Fix for ?Grabby? Clutch

(TT Members McGrath and RandyWRF)

Many riders have described symptoms suggesting incomplete clutch pull. The symptoms include not being able to start the bike in gear, the bike stalling when shifting from neutral to 1st gear, and having difficulty finding neutral. The issue with the stock hardware is that the spring CAVITY is not deep enough at full clutch pull. What then happens is that the solid height of the spring (i.e. fully compressed) is longer than the spring cavity (space between the pressure plate and the large diameter washer under the retaining bolt) at full clutch pull. So instead of the pressure plate traveling far enough to unload the clutch plates it binds against the solid height of the spring. To prevent the spring from compressing to its solid height we need to lengthen the cavity in which it lives. To do this, spacers must be added to the clutch basket towers where the bolts thread in. The spacers (washers) shim out the retaining bolts (one end of the spring cavity) so that the springs play nice with the pressure plate travel.


Remove the clutch cover

Remove the 5 bolts for the springs

Slip 6 mm (M6) washers over the bolts. Make sure they fit inside the springs. MAKE SURE the thickness of the washers is equal! If one is thicker it will warp the pressure plate and cause the same problem you're trying to fix! Measure the washers with a micrometer or digital calipers. The thickness should be approximately 0.06 inches.

Reassemble everything

Readjust the clutch cable

One important thing...MAKE SURE there are no grooves on the basket or the hub or you'll still have problems.


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