XR650R fixes

It seems the countershaft seal, right peg issue, and choke plate were all on the fix it list with this bike, but were there any others? And, were the issues corrected by Honda prior to the 2006 year or? Please let me know if you can. Thanks

CS seal was fixed in 01 or 02 I believe.

Choke plate is not a required fix...I have only heard of it failing once.

RIght peg...I know a bit about those and honda wont be changing their design anytime soon.

an 02 is basically the same as an 06 other then graphics and seat cover...

Don't forget the clutch bushing, which the inner, driven hub rides on when the clutch is released. If it fails the inner hub is seized to the shaft & the next thing you know your parked halfway up a tree or on the trunk of the car in front of you. This only applies to 00-02 models & was updated after that. It's a cheap simple fix.

Yes, I remember this. Thanks!... please remind me what to do or watch out for with my new 2006 XR650R...

Stock thermostat sticking open causing overcooling...especially on the street......

loctite the kick starter bolt

Not all the newer then, 2002 bikes have the newer CS seal or the newer clutch bushing. Honda kept using the old parts and there has been some 2005's that were found with the old parts. My 2003 had both the old parts.

There are a few other differences through the years....there was some engine cases that were thicker on one side to dampen noise, and in 2005 Honda put compression valves in the forks that have much smaller holes, making the forks much harsher but, better for the big boys here in the USA. It would have been much better if they would have gone stiffer springs and thinner quality thinner fluid but, you don't make money that way......and don't forget the "New Bold Graffix that come out each year!!!!





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