what size of rider?

Hey all, another few questions for all of you...I'm 5'7 140lbs, if i lowered the xrr and shaved the seat foam, would any of you guys think that i will have a problem riding this bike? It will only be on the street and will be in SuMo form? Also are there any weaknesses to this bike as far as making one a road bike only ie: tranny issues with no cush drive, i'm fairly easy on bikes and a stirct maintenence guy, so do you see any issues with these bikes as far as being only on-road bikes? Maybe some slight dirt use, maybe 90% street 10% dirt? Anyone else out there doing the same thing? How many miles you got on your pig? I'm asking these questions because i can't decide on my next bike. I want an sm bike very badly, i'm used to riding 250 two and four strokes, and my f4i isn't giving me the grin factor it used to. Titleing is no problem where i live, so i can convert any bike, but i want something that will last, drz is too heavy, xrr is lighter, don't want a euro. I'm hung between converting an xrr or a wr450, i can get an 06 of either bike for the same price... both are reliable, wr's seem to have tranny issues with no cush drive and losing 5th gear, but the xrr's seem to be bullet proof on the road from what i can gather in the searches i have done. Are the brp's too big for me with that extra 27 pounds over the wr? 249 verses 277? What would you do if you were my size and in my spot? :thumbsup: Thanks again

XR650R ready to ride the desert is 320lbs.

I've seen a few XR650R super moto for the street

pretty cool. Cost a few bucks for the rims and tires.

That's if your strictly street.

You might want to look at the DRZ400 or the KLX400

both good bikes and already set of for both. Suzuki

already makes a stock super moto DRZ.

As for the 650, runs great, bullet proof, with the right

gearing and set up will be ok on the street.

That Dez guy doesn't know much :thumbsup:

drz400 is out, seen a few around town, rode one at the dealer and it felt slower than my old xr250 at the time, also the dry weight for them is 297 thats twenty more pounds than the brp...

I used some of the same criteria in selecting my next bike. Go rent Dust to Glory. It will eliminate any fears over reliability of the BRP. Seat height is acceptable. Had a chance to ride a XR400 & was surprised that is sat taller than my 650R. I'm 5'10" & 170# & can touch the ground with both feet, though not quite flat footed. It has stiffer front springs & stock rear. It rides very well, even off road. This bike was very well engineered & the weight is well placed such that it does not feel as heavy as the numbers would lead one to believe. 15/45 gearing allows me to cruise comfortably on the freeway. Taller gearing would be advised for 17" wheels. I'd gear mine a bit taller yet for stricly street use but what I have allows me to ride fairly tight trails without too much clutch work. Be forewarned that dual sporting this bike will require a rewound stator if you plan on even moderate use on public roads. Stock stator will not run blinkers at a stop or run a 55/60 watt headlight, which you need for night riding. I've been saying this all over this forum as I nearly did not make it home one night with my dual sported setup & included battery. There are several posts on this here. Rewind yourself or buy one.

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