Anyone have problems with Twin Air filters on their WR ?

One thing that I have noticed is when it's really hot (Summer time), the blue twin air oil I put on my filter, a lot of it seems to come of and is all over the bottom of the my air box, has anyone else noticed this?? :applause: Or am I just putting to much oil on my filter?

I noticed this also. I had the same thing happen on this last ride (first with the Twin Air)and why I felt I used enough filter oil not to let fine dust through. In fact it drooled out of the air box drain and on the floor. And yes I did let the filter oil dry 24 hours before installing. :thumbsup:


I pushed the send key too soon. Let me add some more to this discussion. I always, WITHOUT FAIL, use a lot of wheel bearing grease around the base of my air filter each time that I re-install it in the motorcycle. Then, I carefully check to ensure that the filter is properly seated against the air box and the edge of the filter is under the filter cage assy.


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