Hot Pipe

I just picked up an 06 WR 450 on Friday. I took it out for a short break-in ride that day. I followed the dealers recommendation for break-in to the letter. Than on Sunday I went for a ride in the Iron Creek area off Blewett Pass. Everything was running fine until about 3 hours into the ride my bike started to overheat. Steamed out about 2 cups of coolant. I stopped for about an hour to let the bike cool down and added some tap water from my Camelback. Today I was checking out the bike and noticed that the pipe was getting so hot after about running for 3-4 minutes you could literally let a cigarette on it. My question is this a normal situation for the stock unbaffled exhaust?

It's normal for the pipe to glow red, don't let your bike sit and idle they need air running through the rads.

You will find it will run a little cooler once it loosens up a bit, but it could be your jetting also.

Do a search as this subject has been gone over 100s of times.

Thanks for the info. Do you have any suggestions for why it over-heated?

unbaffling the exhaust without richening your jetting is causing a lean condition. Lean=hot

Anytime you increase airflow either coming IN or going OUT of the bike, you need more fuel to compensate for it.

When new..........things are tight like was said. Change the oil and you'll see some metal in filter. It will probably run cooler after a few hundred miles...but yes don't idle along too much.

Remember...this bike has no fan on the radiator! If I recall correctly, you get about a minute and a half of idle time sitting still. You gotta be movin' to be chillin'! Get that water you added out, and replace with the recommended coolant as soon as possible also.

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Do the free mods and the AIS removal kit (read the sticky at the top of the forum) then get the jetting right. that plus more breakin time should cool things down. A pressure test on the radiator cap would also be a good idea.

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