Resets on the odo (Panoram,)

I heard that you cannot reset (or it takes about a minute) to reset mileage on a Panaram (sp)odometer. This would make it all but useless on an enduro... Can anyone confirm this rumor????

The reset is for the ride time/mileage/distance display. The reset takes about 2 seconds and gives you all zero's for the above infomation. Your effectively starting a new riding session when you reset.


As a current Panoram user and former enduro rider, I would not recommend using a Panoram as an enduro computer. While it is better than nothing for keeping time, the functionality of the Panoram is designed for a totally different use.

I really like the Panoram. It does exactly what it was designed to do and it does it very well. If your serious about keeping time in an enduro, look to the computers designed specifically for that purpose. There are more zeros to be had if you've got the right equipment.

FYI ? I've seen some good deals on ICO's on e-bay.

Thanks very much for the info... On my way to e-bay......

The Panoram will be updating soon so you can use it for Enduros. Us guys that want to update our old Panoram can send it in with $25 to get it updated and a scratch resistant face.

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