Further Mods Which Cam

Hi I'm thinking about doing some further mods to my uncorked 02 XRR 4K Miles from New

I already have an Edelbrock, Bigger Headers, and Pipe, drilled airbox and unifilter

I was thinking of changing the cam the area where i'd like to make it quicker is 0-50mph i'm not too worried about top end speed as its not up over 100 mph very often I have stock gearing and a 14 tooth front sprocket.

In terms of cam profiles i have absolutely no idea so if you can make suggestions that'd be most appreciated!

I had the same mods to my 2002 XR650R. The Hotcams stage 1 worked great for me. The bike revved more quickly throughout the entire power band. I think you'll be happy with it.

OK thanks!

Any other suggestions?

Stage 2 with those mods would go very well together.

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