upgrade help

I am a rather new rider, less than two years. I think I am rather decent, I am a trialrider, no races, maybe a scramble in the future. I have a ttr 250 and have a chance to go to a yz 400f . any sound advice would be appreciated. I have ridden a 450, but no real time on anything other than the ttr. What can you tell me about the change from one to the other.

I allready know the hp is doubled and one is worlds stronger than the other. I am am looking for more sound detailed advice of what you think.


Not only does it have twice as much power, but it hits about 20 times faster and harder. Those old 400's are untamed beasts of a bike. Moving up depends on you mostly. How old are you? How big are you? What's your skill level? so on...

28, 150, not real hard ridder, but don't think that I could not handle it, just want to be able to get use to it. tough call

Well you're not a little boy so you should able to handle it just fine given some time. :thumbsup:

I have a TT-R250 (my 14 year old son's bike) and a YZ426. Definitely go with the YZ! My son has not been riding for very long and I have let him have some saddle time on my YZ...now he is pushing me to get a new 450 so he can ride my 426.

Defiantly do it... you will have no problem handling it.

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