Gearing yzf450-06

Hello! i just bought an -06 yz450f.

now i wonder what is the stock Gearing? 14/51? 13/49?

or which setup do you 450 rider recommend???

I'm noit sure what it is stock but that's what I'm running and it works just fine for me.

It depends on what kind of riding you do. I own a 06 yz450f and I am all about narrow trails and hill climbs. So I geared mine down (2 more teeth on the rear sprocket) and it works great for me. Specially since I dont have to clutch so much and worry about getting arm pump on those long hill climbs.

It is 13/49, look on you're will say the numbers. I run stock, and I like it. Many people went up to a 50 in the rear though.

Hehe, my problem is that i bought it used, it had runned 15 hours.

it was 13 in front, and a x-tra 14 by the side, came along.

in the back it was 49, but on the x-tra wheel it was 51.

I went from the stock 49 to a 50 & it made a big difference. Much more snappy off the bottom & feels better around the track. :thumbsup:

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