I just got my first dirt bike YZ426! Can the ride be softened? My butt hurts!

I just got my first dirt bike YZ426! Can the ride be softened? My butt hurts! I know I need to stand up more, but I would like the bike to soak up bumps a little better. What setting should I use? I am 6' 3" 180lbs, no fat. Also the bike moves about 3" when I sit on it.

Should I tape a pillow on this brick they call a seat?

First thing, set you're Sag (when you sit on it, you say it goes down, that is sag), the stock suspension settings should be fine and perfect for you're weight. Does it have any suspension work done to it that you know of?


Also, I would go through and do this to it:



CONGRATS on the new bike! :thumbsup: It's your first bike... you'll get used to the sore butt. And the faster you get, the less you'll feel the bumps.

Just set the sag to your weight and ride it.

You should be standing...Practice riding standing...

You should be standing...Practice riding standing...
:thumbsup: exactly.. I hate to state the obvious. But the legs, slightly bent, act as natural shock absorbers while you are riding. If you stand up you will feel more in control and no sore butt except maybe a bit of butt slap taking the bumps wrong. I only sit down on really smooth stuff and when I am really tired..

But I don't race, just play ride..

monkey butt monkey butt ) welcome to the yama club. change the seat foam and cover or get a gel insert. i dual spott mine so i have a really hurtin butt by friday )

but i feel better on the weekends because i stand 80% of the time. you will get used to it...

There is actually a lot you can do with the 426. First of all, you have a wide range of options with the compression and rebound dampning to soften up the ride. I ride in the woods mostly and have softened up the suspension which helped a lot.

For long rides, the seat can really wipe the butt out. Instead of buying a new seat I took my cover off and literally drilled a 1000 holes in the seat. Now, with swiss cheese foam the seat is a lot softer. YOu can see the dimples through the seat cover so beware if your a perfectionist.

Set the sag. The bike won't turn if its not set right. And, you can raise the front forks 5mm if you want even more front end sensitivity.

You should be standing...Practice riding standing...

Thats why all the Honda guys hate Yamaha seats.... :thumbsup::applause:

My '01's seat is really hard, and has a domed shape whih exacerbates the issue. By comparison my crf's seat is softer, flatter and much more comfortable.

A lower, softer seat would help the comfort factor as well as help lower the CG of this bike which is high already.

Yes i like the good stock seet on my CRF i only used to kinda hurt when i first got it but like u guys said, i got used to it and never have really had a prob with that.

Adjust the sag, and then stand on your bike - even when you're tired, keep on standing. Practice, practice, practice...

when i started off-roading an experienced rider explained to me, that skiing and snowboarding are (to him) similar to enduro. moving the bodys weight, keeping balance sidewards and backwards-forwards, and everytime time trying to keep the head /eyesight horizontaly against the obstacles.

well, its's an explication for why you have the keep on standing - better balance..

Here's how I made my '04 Seat a bit more cushy.

Remove the seat, pull all of the staples, remove the seat cover, with a razor blade cut the foam away from the plastic seat pan.

Now that the foam is loose from the seat pan, use a 1" hole saw (a regular drill bit, and a flat wood bit tears the foam, I know from experience) and from the side of the foam that contacts the seat pan, start drilling evenly spaced out holes probably 9 to 12 holes- make sure you drill within 1/2 to 1/4" of the seating surface of the foam.

Measure Twice, Cut Once.

If you drill all the way through the foam, the seat will have dimples in the seat cover, so be warned.

Then with spray adhesive, remount the foam to the pan, then put the seat cover back on. 1/2" Stainless Staples should be used. 1/4 and 3/8" long staples are too short.

I did this to my seat and it made a tremendous difference to the benefit of my arse.


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