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Needle Translation Question

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Preparing for a supposingly required rejetting, for my upcoming YZ timing modification next weekend, I have purchased an YZ needle as these seem to be better than the stock WR DTM needle (i read in this site that this stock needle is supposed to be the DTM needle-- YAm part 5BF-14916-DM needle) although looking at the needle that is in my WR42601 now it only says "OBDQR" on the top. Is this the one?

Anyway, I bought from my dealer the "DVP" needle which was recommended to me also in this site as YAM Part# 5BE-14916-DP

The needle I have gotten (orginal YAM part) says 5JG-14916-J1 and also 412080, and "OBJEQ" on the needle

Can anyone please "translate" this and tell me if this is the needle that is supposed to provide better (crisper) power curve for my WR once it is YZ-timed?


OI have prepared myself butially asg a set of :):D

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The last three letters are what you're looking at in terms of knowing what needle you're holding (I think the first two either mean the manufacturer, yamaha or other, or material that the needle is made of...brass, etc.).

__X__ : D taper needles are 0.75 degrees. E taper needles are at 1 degree. The E series needle I believe is what you're looking for, as that's what seems to give more explosive power.

___X_ : Jet needle taper "starting point". Wont get into the details too much, but it's the length down the jet that the measurement is something like 2.515mm. Changing the clip position obviously raises and lowers the needle in the slide...thus compensating for differences in this measurement. Larger the letter, later the taper start on the needle. 1 clip position equals 2 letters...i.e. EKP clip #3 = ELP #4.

____X : Jet needle straight diameter. Larger the letter, the thicker the jet...and thus leaner.

There's tons of info out there to search on to describe all of this stuff. But I believe the net-net is that you're looking for an E series needle OBE__.

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