06 KTM 300 Excel wheel on YZ426?

I've located an 18" rear Excel wheel from an 06 KTM 300 (36 spoke) that I'd like to lace onto my stock hub on my 01 YZ426F, will I need anything other than a set of WR (18") wheel spoke set to make this work? Or are there differences between the Excel wheels that might prevent this from working at all...


IF the spoke pattern is the same, that is, the number of spokes crossed by any single spoke, and the flange diameters are close, it should work.

One giveaway you could look for is if the part numbers differ for the KTM and the WR in the excel catalog. If so, there is some significant, but maybe not insurmountable difference. If the spoke angles at the rim are only just a little off, you can get away with some very slight correction with a drill, but you're on your own if you decide to do that. The risk of weakening the rim should be obvious.

Best bet is to visually compare two built wheels very closely before you undertake that project.

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