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Last race at the WarHorse for 2006 this weekend!

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Ok, this weekend September 2 & 3 will be the last race at North American WarHorse for the 2006 season.

This will be your last chance to tell your friends that you have finely made it to adulthood and are now longer riding in diapers.

For those that have ridden the WarHorse and finished, may I offer you big congratulations! Just to say that you survived the WarHorse is quite an accomplishment.

Not since the days of the Blackwater 500 has an event been able to stir the emotions quite like the WarHorse.

Because in life there are two types of riders, those that beat the WarHorse and those that got beaten by the WarHorse!

Be part of the badest-ass fraternity of off-road racers, that can say “they beat the WarHorse.”

This is a course that people will be talking about for years to come.



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