graphic choice

I like the second

think I'm just going to go for a number for now. looking at pics from rding last night, bike looks a little naked without them.

Too poser looking IMO. I know that the 'claw' marks look cool and all, but whenever I see guys with bikes that have 100 sponsor stickers on their bikes from companies that don't sponsor them, it looks kind of lame.

You could probably get the same effect with a similar kit that isn't trying to mimic a factory bike.

Just my $.02

how do you know people arent sponsored? do you actually go up to them and say "hey, are you sponsored by monster or are you a poser?"...i didnt think you did

dont judge if you dont know, im sponserd but i dont have monster graphics...but i also dont have that much CASH

Agreed.... Thats why I took my shroud graphics off and made my own sponsors and graphics.

are you saying that you made up sponsers??!!

and you guys are calling him a poser?

ifyou DO have sponsers then i msunderstood, but if you just made them up...thats beyond gay

No he is saying that he made some custom graphics with his own sponsors.

what do you guys think of these? yes or no? $90 for Radiator shrouds, front and rear fenders, airbox, fork guard, swingarm , "Pro Circuit" front fender and a black gripper seatcover with "Kawasaki Racing Team" green vinyl sidepanels.


I would sell it and buy a Honda...but for a bike that hasn't one a MX or SX Championship for sometime, excluding lites of course, it's pretty sweet lookin.

I think it would be cool, if you did the replica right. But just the stickers looks kinda lame. I think youll need the black rims, the t-4 everything, for it to look right.

i think that the monster graphics are awsome!

to be honest, the only graphics kit that I have ever liked, is the one-industries snow graphics kit. I always seemed to have liked the stock bike look you know. If anything, get some sick numbers, and don't waste money on the graphics.

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