Starting weird...

Hey guys

I'm new to this forum, so Hi :applause: great place! anyway I have a 99 WR400 and Im not too sure of what has been done to it, it has a Leo Vince pipe on it and it reallly goes! easily beats my friends latest CRF450X and beats my dads Husky TE610...until he hotted his up more :thumbsup:, I just love it! :applause: but I havent started it for a few weeks and it is a pig to start, I put the choke on and it starts JUST after a few kicks then runs for about 2 minutes, sitting there idling and stops, and it is impossible to start again, has a new plug, choke on or off doesnt matter, just so weird because it was just running then it stops and impossible to start again :ride: it happened last time I tried to go for a ride too, I hadn't ridden it in a while and I tried kicking it over and over and it wouldn't start so I drained the fuel and put fresh stuff in, whether it was that or just the time it took. Also when it does eventually run, after about 10 minutes riding it will just stop again, then I eventually start it again and it goes forever then, I'm lost :applause: Any Ideas?

Cheers, sam

First Check the fuel tank venting system for proper air flow.

Then if the problem still exists remove and clean the carburetor make sure all passages are clean. Clean the air filter too.

Then go ride.

One last thing check the valve adjustment.

Also check for proper float adjustment :thumbsup:

Good luck, I miss my 400, I think it was more powerful than my 450 :applause:

Hi, I had a 2000 TTR600 kick start which was a pig to start also, I fitted an NGK Irridium spark plug which doesn't improve performance but made the pig so much easier to start. Costs about $20.00 here in Oz.

Good luck & have fun on the tracks.

I'm having nearly the exact same issue with my 01 WR426. Runs great then one day it will just die warning. If I change the plug it will start right for two minutes...then die never to be started again (until plug is changed). I took it into the shop and dropped way too much cash having them look at everything and it didn't help one bit.

The last time this happened I did like you, drained the gas and put in problems for a year, now it's happening again.

Somebody stop me, I'm starting to look at orange bikes. :thumbsup:

Thanks for the replies guys, I drained the fuel and put new fresh stuff in tonight and its still no go, I have an Iridium spark plug in it which is fairly new, I have only done one ride on it, it has to be the carby or something, which is a pain but oh well :thumbsup:

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