pointers for potential 426 owner

I am looking at buying a used 2003 426WR... are there any common problems with this model which I should look out for?

You're going to have be a little more specific. Are you buying a 2003 or a WR426? You can't do both :thumbsup: ...SC

Sorry - I have never owned a Yamaha before, and don't know the model succession sequence.

It is definitely a WR426. The owner has it advertised as a 2003.

When did they drop the 426 for the 450?

The last year of the 426 was 02 and the 450 started in 03. Does it have an e start or a compression release?

No E-start. Compression release on the bars.

Is there anything nasty to look out for on the '02? WR426 ??

2002 last year of 426.

Not too many problems I am not sure but if NZ production is the same as AUS then all you need to do is remove air box lid buy a pipe and re jet the carb and you will have a great bike. I would consider respring and revalve the suspension at a later date. Get the carb tuned nicely and kick starting will be much easier once you learn the drill.

Good luck

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