Bent Bike Problems

:) I dont know if your light/no.plate mount to the mudguard or sub-frame but mine is on the mudguard it may just be that BUT if the sub-frame IS bent then I have in the past used a bloody big bar to straighten it... Use plenty of padding to minimise scratches and dents and be gentle with it

Another option is to take it to a frame straightener and see what they can do OR use the opportunity and buy a Titanium one he he he LOL! :D

while out riding on a practice track the other day i managed to throw my WR400F down the track, upon dusting myself off and picking up the bike i noticed that the rear mudguard was slightly bent, and the exhaust was also bent. I also use this bike for road riding and when i replaced the stop/tail light cluster and the numberplate it looked awfull as it was listing badly to the left and the exhaust was firing straight at the registration plate and making a terrible noise.

I have sorted the exhaust to a fashion but what is the best method for straightening the subframe.

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