Have any of geniuses out there….

Devised or created a tool or procedure to adjust the air/fuel screw??

I am having a hell of time finding the slot on the screw in the recessed cavity, even though I have many small screw drivers. After I find the damn thing I am not sure how to gage/measure how many turns from zero the screw is set. Better yet, does any one sell an adjusting screw that is long enough to see from outside?


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most small screwdrivers that will fit underneath have too small a head diameter.

The best tool I've found is to use a 'extended' screwdriver bit, which would normally be used in a drill.

The good thing here is the head diameter is large, it's small in length due to being a bit, there is no chance of over tighting the FS and as a added advantage you have a hexagonal bottom making it dead easy to measure those quater turns.

Works for me, plus any h/w store has them.

Yeah, I went that route as well. I have a screw driver set with hex bits like you are describing. You're right that there's not much else that you can get to fit under the carb without loosening the boots and twisting the carb out a little ways. It worked ok. Trouble I had was that it is difficult to get your hand in there, turn the screw while trying to hold it in place and keep track of the number of turns. Plus, you have to go get it from your toolbox or pouch or whatever.

The Kouba T-handle is very handy because it is always there. And I'm not always struggling to keep track of how far I've turned it like when the bit slips off of the screw or when I have to reposition my hand to give it a turn. I was never absolutely sure where I had the screw set at when I used the screw driver bit.

nah!! bollocks to all that rolls royce brigade milarky!

GET AN OLD "ELECTRICIANS" screw driver and chop the head off. grind the face of the shaft so that the CSA is a letter 'D'.

then get a block connector and tighten it in.

next; you know those caps that come with a new plug and nobody uses/ bang it on the end. then roll it on the grinder to bring down the O/D and there you have it, the perfic IS adjuster!!!



I use the motion pro Carb tool for my tuning in the shop and the cut off Jewlers screwdriver(Left side) for tuning in the woods. The MP tool centers its self and is easy to use. $10.00 at your local dealer.


Bonzai :)


(Actual Size) :)

I use a $1.00 Craftsman junior screwdriver with the handle sawn off to a total length of 2.75 inches. It fits perfectly and is easy to turn.

The Kouba Link is by far the easiest way to adjust the fuel screw. No digging out screwdivers,

no fumbling around getting burnt on the cam chain tensioner or any of that crap. Most the time, I don't even get off the seat to adjust the fuel screw. Best $16 I ever spent(performance per dollar) :)

I am now using the Kouba tool and agree that it is the easiest to use. Harbor Freight also has a really small screwdriver that is about 1 inch total in length for $.49 that works good also and I used with success prior to the Kouba. The challenge as others have mentioned is keeping track of the number of turns. Good Luck!


Originally posted by Taffy:

nah!! bollocks to all that rolls royce brigade milarky!

Dang, Taffy. $16 dollars = Roll Royce Brigade?

You guys over there standing in bread lines or something these days?

Well just so that your contempt for the foolishly extravagant way that I handle my money is complete, I also purchased the MP FCR carb tool kit shown above. :D

Actually, I got a 50% discount certificate for MP at a recent event and ordered a few more extravagances as well (T2 cables, Fork Pro Bleeders, Hydraulic Brake Bleeder, Cable Luber, etc.). These were things that I absolutely needed of course and was thrilled to only have to pay half price for.

Oh, just remembered, I also carry a really cool little combo tool kit that MP makes. Bought it awhile back and paid... well, I guess I did spend a ridiculous sum for that one (like around 50 bucks). Naturally I can't ride my bike without it, though.

Crap, I think Taffy may have something there. :)

Kidding, aside, I really do think the price to value ratio is pretty good on the Kouba. :D

The savings in time spent for the $15 Kouba tool equates as follows:

Over 1 year's time and say 50 PScrew changes = 50 x approx. 5 minutes savings = 250 minutes = 4+ hours = 12 Guinness = $48. Thus, a $33 savings in the first year! :)


Somebody post a photo of this wonder tool.....I might want one of those too...

Yes I saw the link above....I want to see what it looks like installed......

And what's with this $25.00 minimum order stuff? Basically what I saw on the website is you have to order two plus shipping at $32.00 + in order to get one....I'm confused?

Bonzai :)

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this space intentionally left blank!

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Originally posted by YAMAKAZE:

And what's with this $25.00 minimum order stuff? Basically what I saw on the website is you have to order two plus shipping at $32.00 + in order to get one....I'm confused?

Yeah, it's kind of weird. Kouba's ordering "system" is kind of clunky. Actually, you really have to order two for $32 and that covers the shipping. For one you would pay $25 and that would also cover the shipping. When I ordered mine, he had a comment somewhere on the site about $16 plus a $5 shipping charge for one ($21 total). After I placed my order and exchanged emails with him. He appologized for the confusion and sold me TWO for $16 and didn't charge me any shipping. :D He did then take that comment off of the site.

Not sure why he doen't just charge the shipping and skip the minimum order crap. It's not like he has anything else for sale that you could use on your Yamaha. :)

Maybe we could place a large TT order of these things, get a MASSIVE discount, and have some unlucky soul (I am thinking Yamakaze :) )distribute them, just like our Moab 2000 videos - thanks Randy, and our fender stickers - thanks Bill!

All those who vote Yamakaze say so!

I First it!!

I second the vote for Yamakaze---it sounds like a sweet deal!

I've got a picture, but it's not on the web, so I can't post it!

Email me at mike.carpenter@wcom.com

The Kouba is worth it's weight in gold!

Kouba T ordering policy is 'Redikkerus'. Those plagued by endless Pooh Bear videos will understand!

I'll 3'rd it.

My check is ready for signature.


Can you take the fuel bowl off without pulling your fuel screw? Nice!


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