Fuel Screw for 426

Hi guys, can anyone tell me if their is an aftermarket fuel screw like the gytr for the 450 which makes adjustment easy. Or is the 426 one the same as the 450?

I don't know for sure, but I think they would be the same. However, there are several companies out there that make the easy adjust fuel screw for the 426. You can get them from ZipTy, or you can get them on E-bay from several other manufacturers. Bottom line, just get one. Hope this helps,


According to a couple of catalogs I just looked at, the 426 screw and the 450 screw will interchange, if that's what you're asking. If you just want to know if anyone makes one for a 450, it's more like everyone makes one. They should be available just about anywhere.

If and when you get one, be sure to stretch the spring a bit so you get more seating pressure, otherwise they are prone to backing out. Just my experience. :thumbsup:

Thanks for your help, I'll give the 450 gytr one a go

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