2007- Blue- Red- Orange-???

Looking for thoughts on all the 450's for 2007. I have people telling me to switch to Honda?? I like Yamaha for the reliability factor, my bike never skips a beat, it is well maintained and runs great. I have also heard that the 07 KTM 450 is a great machine. I am more inclined to stay away from yellow and green.

I am curious to see what the mags say when they do their shootouts. If I stick with Yamaha I could have my stock spring put back on and put the Factory Connection one on the new bike. My suspension has approx 5 hours on it. Undecided?? Any comments on the 07 YZ??

Any feedback is appreciated.

04 YZ450

W/B Aluminum Pro

Factory Connection Suspension

Pro Taper Windham Bars

Kenda Treads

It cannot be argued that the CRF450 is not a really great MX bike in a lot of ways, and the Suzuki and Kawasaki entries in the 450 class have some merit as well. But, the '06 YZ450 is so completely different from your '04 in terms of the overall handling and feel of the bike that it's almost impossible to convey to someone who has not ridden one. Night and Day doesn't come close. The bike turns and tracks better than a Honda, and feels lighter and more nimble, too. The stock suspension is a marvel.

There have been several converts from the Red camp, in fact, and if you look through some recent threads, you'll see what they have to say about it. Usually all it takes is a ride. You should try one yourself.

Every 07 450 mentioned will be a great bike....I predict the closest comparison ever..

1. Yami/Honda

2. Kawi

3. Suz

4, KTM

You are in luck my friend because you can have your cake and eat it too. The '06 and no doubt the '07 Yamaha's have the same legendary Yamaha reliability that you want. On top of that they also turn well, feel light and flickable (almost 250 smoker like) and have superb stock suspension. So you really don't have to debate much at all. Go with blue (or white) for '07 and you won't be disappointed.

I'm currently on a CRF 450 (05) right now. Its a great bike, but I'll be back to blue in late '07. You can't argue with the reliability track record the YZ 450 exhibits, and handling is much improved, its a no brainer.

Hate to intrude on ur thread, but I see you are a mod now Grayracer, congrats and well deserved oh know'ed one :thumbsup::applause:

Hate to intrude on ur thread, but I see you are a mod now Grayracer, congrats and well deserved oh know'ed one :thumbsup::applause:

and no one can delete your post anymore too Congrats Greyracer

If anyone deserves being a mod, its Gray.

Hi-Jackers, the lot of you! :thumbsup:



If anyone deserves being a mod, its Gray.

Well at least we have consensus of something on the forum. Reading Gray's posts is a great source of YZ information. :thumbsup:


Congrats on the promotion, what are you doing in November of 2008?

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