Clarke vs. IMS oversized tanks...

I have held out long enough...its time for me to get an oversized tank. (I have an 06 YZ450) A small concern is the tank to frame mount; in so much that this also where the stabilizer mount is attached to the frame--does anyone know firsthand if either the Clarke or the IMS would impede this mount??

Any other opinions concerning fit, extras required, would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance

Thumpertalk thread about Clarke tank

I know the search function has been kinda flakey lately so I won't pick on you for not using it like some guys would.

There's been other threads too, hopefully this one will answer your question. Basically yes, the Clarke tank fits fine as far as the damper mount is concerned (at least the Scotts).

Motobark--thanks for saving me the "non-searcher" beating. I actually read your previous post on your Clarke tank; very detailed in-depth report thank you.

However, I am still curious to hear from someone who is running the IMS and their opinion too...It does appear the IMS may carry the fuel somewhat lowere than the Clarke..

The Clarke also is somewhat less expensive than the Clarke---any reason? (does the IMS come with a ready made petcock whereas the Clarke does not?)

I too am in the same situation except I already have the IMS oversized 3.2 gal tank and a SCOTTS sub mount on the way. I called SCOTTS and they said that it will work fine for either the sub or standard mount and thy actually work with IMS to design there mountings. I just put on my tank last night and it looks great, mounting was simple and easy. My only problem was putting the radiator shrouds on. It's a little tougher to get all the holes to line up, small gripe for addes miles on the bike. Hope that helps.

So far I've had two clarke tanks. One was oversized and the second is a YZ-replacement.

The fit on the oversized made me question why I didn't go with the IMS tank. Yes it did fit and it worked fine. I'm just a stickler for detail and the fit and finish was sub-par. The next step I made was to call clarke and I let them know where I was having problems with their tank. I was told that no changes were going to be made to that tank. "It is what it is" I was told.

Before I bought the clarke YZ tank I asked these same questions you are here. Everyone said it worked fine for them. They were right. It fits perfect.

My vote... clarke oversized :thumbsup: Go with the IMS.

Just my 2-cents.

I've had no problems with the 3.2 IMS on 3 WR's I've owned. They fit great and have been good tanks.

Too keep beating a dead horse, I am running the Clarke and pumped 3.56 gallons of gas into this weekend. The added capacity is important for me as I like to go on long D/S rides and distance between gas stations is very sketchy sometimes. The added range is critical.

The fit and finish on my Clarke is very good. I have had the tank on and off the bike so many times I can't count anymore! And it always lines up and installs easily. :thumbsup:

Installed tank photo:


I too have the Clark 3.9 on my 250 works fine been on and off with no probs. The reason Clarke is cheaper in price is you use your own petcock, I havent tried IMS due to it being $50 more. I want one for my 450, just wanna make sure it doesnt cover my choke, anybody know anything about that

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