'06 YZ450 Valve adjustment ????

I recently purchased a 2006 YZ450 and I am learning the ropes as I am converting from 2 strokes. As far as valve adjustment is there a kit to buy with assorted shims to use while adjusting valves or is it a buy as you need type thing? I seem to recall when I worked at a dealer in the 80's that the mechanics had kits with various size shims in it. Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated as tomorrow will be my first day on the new bike. I am 39 years old and I feel like a little kid....I CANT WAIT to ride it.

Hot Cams makes several different kits. The big one is around $80, and includes 3 each of a wide range of shims, at least a third of which will NEVER fit in your bike. They make "refill" kits for $30 or so that include 5 each of a smaller range of sizes. The trouble with these is that the size break is right at 180, and most YZF's will need shims between 170 and 185, so you would need 2 kits. I've often thought of calling Hot Cams and asking them to build me a custom refill kit.

The one thing about all this is that you'll have plenty of time to figure out what to get. My '03, even though I keep expecting it to need it any time, has still NEVER HAD A VALVE ADJUSTMENT. And it's not even unusual. How cool is that? :thumbsup:

wow, thats great! I will keep them checked regardless. I hope I have the same luck. I am coming from Honda (many Hondas) and so far I love this bike!

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