passed royal star at over 110!

just for the non-believers, i passed my friends yammy v-star and royal star when his topped out at 110 mph. he said his is governed and couldn't get over being passed by a dirtbike at roughly 113-115. i have 15-46 gearing and didn't hit the rev limiter. we were going downhill on a bridge with no headwind. i probably coulda went faster but it got real scary, real fast at that speed on some knobbys.


what were you riding?? :)


What were you on? and what were you ON!? DUDE!!

:) DUDE!!!SWEET!!! that's like "looney tunes "cheeks flapping in the wind speed""!!! LOL

i thought i was going fast when i hit 50 on my mt. bike on a hill near my house (not sure how fast i've ever gone on a motorcycle , ... no speedo.)

find some schmuck with a crf and race him for pink slips on the same strip of road. there's no way one of those will keep up with a wr at top end!!! :D:D

When I bought my bike, it had street tire with 16/45 gearing and on a flat straight with no wind I was able to hit the 100 mph easily on the speedo (can hit the 90 now with 15/45 and dirt tires). So in a downhill with 15/46 and a speedo that's 10% accurate the number of 115 mph seems possible.

i was on my 2000 wr 400 with yz timing and a pro circuit pipe, plus all the free mods.

Holy dead-dude Batman, what was that blue streak that just went by the Batmobile?!

Bah, you shoulda gone with me and my CBR before I sold it....155, had a bit left too :) Slight up hill, no wind.

Next time you do that, if you want to try for speed, put a few slabs of cardboard over half of your radiators, going toward the front of the bike, I bet you're shrouds sucked up a TON of wind resistance!!

i've done the street thing too. there's no comparison between the two.

tell ya what, you unplug 3 plug wires on a street bike and then we'll go at it! deal?

no doubt street is faster but this is very fast for a 400 cc single cylinder bike. the royal star is a 1200 or 1600 v twin. not sure how big but at least THREE TIMES the displacement and TWO MORE cylinders.

:) There is NO comparison, between Street (road to me :D ) and dirt bikes, I owned an R1 before my WR, fastest speed on the speedo 176 mph, the world is a video game!, I can honestly say that I get more buzz out of my WR at much slower speeds, joke mudguard that flaps at any thing over 80, rad shrouds you can see moving out as you approach 100mph, what a laugh :D

NO I wouldn't go back to the R1, too much worry re cops, throwing it on the floor, tyres at £120 (200$ I think) Nope NO comparison


have you guys ever seen footage of a guy flying around on a streetbike at like 4 a.m. in the morning? i saw this guy on "real tv" and he put a camera on his bike, pinned it, weaved in and out of traffic and did something like a 35 mile loop through the city in 11 minutes, it was wild! it was somewhere in europe and he had a name like "blackhawk" or something like that. he sells the tapes and never lets the camera see his real face. check it out.

Seen one like that on "The Periferique" in Paris.....Bloke crashed in to a car and killed himself trying to beat his record for a Lap!

Having ridden round it in Rush hour, the bloke WAS Bonkers! It is like the Whacky Races for real!

Is THIS LINK whay you were refering to?

Warning! Dial up users beware. Approx 47 Min download

Ahhh that vidio is a rush to see! It is so realistic to see the view from behind the wind screen like that, I found myself putting my knees out for the sharp turns,,,,,. I havent ridden like that on the road since I lost my licence :) . When I get It back I will have to not do that stuff anymore, but it is fun! Very dangerous too. I still have my dear VFR 750, she is waiting for me patiently, so for now the WR will have to satisfy my sick craving for speed and power. I agree, dirt riding will always have my heart, no one yells at you for going fast, and no one cares if you have a few beers and start driving crazy :D . But Fast street riding is a rush. Ill keep that stuff on the track and late night back rodes when I get my licence back.

So, where is the link? I have to see it! :)


the link is in Jeffs post.. as ..THIS LINK

crazier than me :)

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